Documentaries For Entrepreneurs

Documentaries For Entrepreneurs

Why not make your binge watching productive?  Netflix is loaded with inspiring documentaries; our favorites are stories of people following their passion on the road to success. Score an inside look at what it takes to be a creative success - whether in the chef's kitchen or on the cover of a magazine - via these can't-miss flicks. 

Chef's Table

Take a glimpse at the life, work and creative process of world-renowned chefs.  Season 1, Episode 2 features Dan Barber of Blue Hill Farm and how he's making strides in changing the way we grow and think about food.  It's particularly progressive and fascinating.  Two seasons.  Available on Netflix.  Watch the trailer.


The story of Iris Apfel, a “rare bird of fashion,” and founder of a textile company hired by nine presidents for White House restorations.  Iris is regularly referred to as a fashion icon, but she's so. much. more.  Available on Netflix.  Watch the trailer.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

A story of Jiro Ono, an 85-year-old sushi chef whose unassuming restaurant (10 seats in a metro station) was awarded 3 Michelin Stars. He's on a relentless pursuit of perfection; his dedication is incredibly impressive.  Available on Netflix.  Watch the trailer.


Follow along on the journey of four candidates as they study and sit for the Master Sommelier examination, which is exceedingly difficult to pass.  Egos, passion, and intensity collide where some make the cut and some do not.     Available on Netflix.  Watch the trailer.


"Over 2100 talks to stir your curiosity." 

Available on  Watch them here.

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