Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

Life can be so tough.  And doing good feels so good.  (Even compiling this list about doing good feels good.)  So why not do more of it?  

There are endless ways to make someone else feel special, noticed and appreciated.  To connect with your community.  To give back.  To pay it forward.  To make a difference.  To act kindly.  Here are 75 ways to spread light, love and joy.  

P.S.  Sometimes, the people who are the toughest to show kindness and love to are the ones who need it the most.  


  1. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  2. Help someone carry their shopping bags.
  3. Hold the door.  Especially for parents with strollers and senior citizens.
  4. Leave little notes with kind words anywhere and everywhere for the person after you to find.  Like a sticky note on the gas pump.
  5. Leave a really, really good tip.  
  6. Donate blankets, food, or toys to an animal shelter.  
  7. Compliment a stranger.  
  8. Invite someone who often eats alone to dinner.
  9. Leave your newspaper or magazine behind for the next person to read.
  10. Walk dogs and cuddle with kittens at an animal shelter.
  11. Offer your skill set to a senior center  - they're always looking for programming ideas like music, games and activities.
  12. Say "thank you" to service men and women via Operation Gratitude.
  13. Double whatever dinner you're making and deliver the extra portion to someone who needs it.  Soup transports well and meets a variety of dietary restrictions.  Don't forget the toppings!
  14. Offer to babysit your friend of family member's kids so she can have a night off.
  15. Offer to help with after school programs (sports, theatre, debate, etc.) at a school.
  16. Donate old furniture to a shelter or housing assistance program.
  17. Leave grown-up coloring books in the hospital waiting room.
  18. Donate schoolroom supplies to a teacher.  
  19. Offer companionship to seniors at a senior living community.  
  20. Donate diapers, wipes and baby food to a women's shelter.
  21. Offer to help tutor students who need a little extra help at a school.
  22. Prepare and serve meals at a shelter or soup kitchen.
  23. Shovel your neighbor's driveway after a big snowstorm.
  24. Buy the person behind you in the Starbucks drive-thru line a coffee.
  25. Offer a coupon or voucher you were unable to use to someone else in line.
  26. Leave your favorite book where a stranger will find it with a note inside: "You found my favorite book!  Enjoy and pass it along!"
  27. Offer to accompany someone going through radiation or chemotherapy to the hospital.  
  28. Give blood.
  29. Train your furry friend to be a therapy dog and visit schools, hospitals and senior centers together.
  30. Mentor a high school or college student.
  31. Help build a home for Habitat for Humanity.
  32. Introduce yourself to people you pass by often, like the post or trash man.  Leave a homemade treat for them the following day.
  33. Participate in a charity run or walk.
  34. Register to be an organ donor.
  35. Bring a healthy snack to share at the office.
  36. Send a handwritten "thinking of you" note to a friend or family member.
  37. Trade in your plastic water bottle for a glass one.
  38. Give fido an extra long session of behind-the-ears scratches.
  39. Write a positive comment on a blogger's post.
  40. Smile at strangers.
  41. Donate used books to a library, school, or senior center.
  42. Tape a dollar or two on a vending machine with a note saying "enjoy a treat on me!"
  43. Send flowers anonymously to a friend or family member.
  44. Send birthday cards.  Everyone loves getting mail.
  45. Keep packaged snacks and drinks in your car to pass out to the homeless on the corners.
  46. Ask the grocery clerk about his or her day.  Maybe even buy him or her a special treat.
  47. Keep extra gently used scarves and mittens on hand to give to the homeless.
  48. Buy consciously-sourced clothing that hasn't subjected manufacturers to harsh conditions.
  49. Complain less.  
  50. Send a "finals week" care package to a college student.
  51. Let someone else have the better parking spot.
  52. Sit with someone who often sits alone.
  53. Perform a household task that your spouse usually does, like making the bed.
  54. Say please and thank you.
  55. Offer directions to someone who looks lost.
  56. Return a honk of the horn while driving with a smile.
  57. Donate used toys and games that your kids have grown out of to a children's hospital.
  58. Purchase extra canned goods at the grocery store and donate them to the food pantry.
  59. Let someone merge into your lane.
  60. Compliment a coworker on his or her work.
  61. Send a handwritten thank you note and healthy snack to your child's teacher.
  62. Take a basket of fresh fruit to the fire station.
  63. Offer to run errands for a senior citizen or someone who had surgery.
  64. Handle the morning routine and chores so your spouse can sleep in.
  65. Leave a note that says "you're beautiful" on a public restroom mirror.
  66. Pay the toll or parking lot fee for the person behind you.
  67. Give up your seat on the bus or train.
  68. Help an senior citizen across the street or up the stairs.
  69. Offer to take a photo for tourists.
  70. Tell your parents "thank you."
  71. Attend friends' kids' recitals, games, and performances.
  72. Return your shopping cart to the corral.
  73. Hold the elevator door.
  74. Leave extra time on the parking meter.
  75. Give someone a really great hug.

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