Games for Adults

Games for Adults

If you want to take your next evening in or dinner party up a notch, bring on the board games.  They're nostalgic, laughter-inducing and engaging for all.  Keep a few on-hand so you're ready to go, regardless of who you're hosting... or how intoxicated they are.  The catch: don't be surprised if everyone stays later than they - or you - expected.  Uber anyone?

Cards Against Humanity

They call it "a card game for horrible people," and they're not kidding.  But it's awesome.  And it's impossible not to laugh exhaustively while playing.  4+ Players.  Ages 17+.

  Cards Against Humanity, Amazon, $25

Heads Up

This game is an absolute ball and can be played anywhere.  All you need is your phone. 4+ Players.  Ages 18+.  

Heads Up, App Store, $0.99

Playing Cards

The essential standby that can morph into hundreds of games.  Seriously.  Here's a list of favorites and their rules.  Players and ages vary.  

Bicycle Playing Cards, Amazon, $5


If you find yourself sitting on the sofa with your Mr. most nights, take a break from the screen and use your brain.  Smart is sexy.  2-4 Players.  Ages 8+.  

Scrabble, Amazon, $15

Catch Phrase

A family-friendly favorite.  It's fast paced, simple to understand, and you don't have to be sitting around a table to play.  Requires 4+ players.  Ages 8+.  

Catch Phrase, Amazon, $22

Table Topics

We love the "Girls Night" version for - you guessed it - girls nights.  But they're all fun and will engage your whole crew.   2+ players.  Ages vary by edition. 

 Table Topics, Amazon, $25


A classic.  Player beware: even Grandma might get a tad competitive with this one.  2+ Players.  Ages 8+.  

Monopoly, Amazon, $23

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