Water Bottle

Water Bottle

It accompanies us far beyond the gym and yoga studio, provides the most important nourishment of the day, and endures lots of physical abuse (we can't even count the number of times a quick stop has thrown ours from passenger seat to footwell).  So it's only fair that we give a little thought (and dare we say money) to finding the right one.  The plastic, lawyer-logo-clad "freebie" from the race you ran won't cut it - learn why, below.  But our pick (also below) will. Here's the scoop on choosing a non-toxic, stylish vessel that is can keep up allll day.


Just say "no" to plastic.  We've all heard about the dangers of BPA, and it's substitute, bisphenol S (BPS), has been shown to be just as harmful.  Aluminum has to be coated to be "food safe," which is ironic considering the coatings often contain BPA (not "safe").  Stainless steel is a non-toxic option (be wary of glazes, however, which can - surprise! - contain BPA), but we really don't enjoy drinking from metal.  (For starters, it makes us feel like we're camping.  Which is fine... if we're camping.)  

Glass is a non-toxic, food-ready material that won't discolor or absorb odors.  Sure, it's breakable, but not as much so when it's dressed in silicone.  (We've dropped our BKR from waist-height on a concrete floor and it rather miraculously survived.)   It's dishwasher safe, long-lasting and sturdy, too. 


Hollywood starlets love this water bottle.  But it's not just  star power that has made it go from zero to "sold out" in the past few years.  Let's start with what's obvious: it's attractive.  But it's also durable and dishwasher safe (or easy to hand wash with a bottle brush).  It comes in three sizes (we love the largest - 32 oz!) and many, many colors.  The cap's loop makes it easy to transport and is easy to use... simply screw on or off.  Best of all, the mouth of the bottle is the perfect size.  Not so large that you'll drench yourself while taking a drink on the treadmill, but not so small that it feels like a sippy cup.

The cons: the "big" size gets a tad heavy when full, doesn't fit in a cup holder, and is a tad cumbersome... but it's capacity is also half of your daily recommended intake.  Down two of these a day and you're golden.   

BKR "Big" (1L / 32 oz) Water Bottle, Nordstrom, $45

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