Vivienne Westwood famously said, "Buy less.  Choose well."  There are no truer words when it comes to jewelry.  Buying the best you can afford in classic, tailored styles is a beautiful and super smart idea.  Here's why:

It won't ultimately cost you more.  Our world of quickly-changing trends and throw-away fashion yields fabulous, costume-style jewelry aplenty.  It's everywhere.  And cheap.  Or is it?  Think about it: how many pieces of costume jewelry do you own?  If, for example, you have six pieces you've purchased at J.Crew and most items there are $65 (or more!), then you've spent $390.  In other words: you've spent more than the 14k gold and diamond stacking ring shown below costs.  That's right, plated metal with faux stones or gold and diamonds.  Your pick.  What's more: you'll wear the later far more often (and thereby get your money's worth) because...

Classic, tailored styles go with everything.  And they're less likely to go out of style, too.  What's better than wearing beautiful, high-quality pieces everyday?  Not having to stress over which pieces to wear or second guess your choices on the way out the door.  That's what.  

You can still wear fun statement pieces.  We're just suggesting you should buy the good stuff first.  This perfectly-coordinated collection can hold it's own, or can serve as a foundation for layers of other special pieces you collect.  Either way, you're guaranteed to find joy in knowing your jewelry isn't collecting dust, but rather adorning your ears, necks, wrists and hands on the daily.  What a treat.   

The question remains: what to buy?  The answer: what you love.  Here's what we love.  


We couldn't bear to play "favorites" and choose between diamond and pearl stud earrings.  So, we didn't.  Both look as appropriate at a black tie affair as they do with jeans... what's not to love about jewelry you can wear anytime, with anything, anywhere?

Kokichi Mikimoto created the first cultured pearls over 100 years ago.  If they were good enough for Marilyn Monroe, they certainly are for us, as well.  And Kwiat is a third-generation, family-owned company based in New York City.  Bonus: All of their diamonds are naturally and ethically sourced. 

Mikimoto Akoya Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings, Nordstrom, $300+ 

Kwiat Diamond Stud Earrings, Nordstrom, $775+


The key to a great "arm party?"  Finding bracelets that are complimentary yet different.  These fit the bill.  A fluid chain, a structured bangle, a solid cuff.  One closed, one open, one locked.  One a little dainty, one a bit bolder, the third a statement.  Together, the perfect combination of classic materials (golds, diamonds, opals) and modern style.  

Zoë Chicco's eponymous collection is handmade in L.A; her pieces are made of solid gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones.  Each piece is delicate in weight but strong in style... and slightly edgy.  The stick bracelet reminds us of a tennis bracelet, made modern and more feminine.  

Zoë Chicco Tate Stick Bracelet, Barneys New York, $1,185

Zoë Chicco Opal & Diamond Teardrop Cuff Bracelet, Zoë Chicco, $1,200

On the other hand, Minansai's signature screw cuff offers a weighty, slightly masculine look.  We love its screw "clasp" and dome shape.  It's a strong piece that is as capable on its own as it is adding umph to a layered look.

Minansai Thin Screw Cuff Bracelet, Barney's New York, $1,950



Alright.  We know we'd have to give up on years worth of cheap jewelry to afford a watch like this.  But this is, after all, about buying the best.  And there is not a more classic, sought-after, pass-it-down-to-your-daughter watch than this.  The good news: since the "Tank" style been around for decades (this is the style that Louis Cartier wore), you can find it at reputable vintage jewelers.  

Cartier 'Tank Louis Cartier', FarFetch Vintage, $4,922


Undeniably, the Tank watch has taken up residency on our wish list.  In the meantime, we're sporting a simple option with a classic look.

MVMT Boulevard Leather Strap Watch, Nordstrom, $115



A "pearl necklace" without all the pretension of a full strand.  This piece is the perfect length to wear with everything from collared shirts and sweaters to v-necks and tanks... as well as layered with other necklaces.  

Mikimoto Akoya Cultured Pearl Pendant, Nordstrom, $800



Every girl should have a ring she bought for herself.  (Or five.)  We love how delicate stackables are when worn solo... and how easily they "bulk up" when layered with complimentary styles.  Picking from the Zoë Chicco line is foolproof - from micro bands, like the diamond baguette stacking ring (bottom left) to the statement-making opal and sunburst diamond ring - you can't go wrong.

Zoë Chicco Baguette Diamond Stacking Ring, Nordstrom, $330

Zoë Chicco Opal and Sunburst Diamond Ring, Zoë Chicco, $540

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